Masstone & Undertone Chart

Masstone is defined as when a color is applied thickly enough to completely cover a surface. No other colors from below show through.

In tattooing and permanent cosmetics, we aren’t able to actually tattoo the masstone since we apply color into a suspended, 3-dimensional state, within the skin, as opposed to a film layer on top of the skin.  Also, each person will have slightly different healing variables of how much pigment remains in the skin plus the color of their individual skintone.

However, we still refer to masstone as a standard starting point when we talk about color characteristics and the undiluted color strength straight out of a bottle.  

Undertone is defined as the color when spread very thinly over a white surface.  

From a tattoo and permanent cosmetic perspective, the undertone allows us to see another important characteristic of how a color will perform when tattooed in a diluted state or how a healed color may bias compared to a person's own skintone. Undertones can be similar or vary compared to its Masstone.

The chart below is a visual reference guide for all Ever After Pigments Masstones and Undertones. 

Ever After Pigments Masstone & Undertone Chart 2022