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What is the difference between tattoo ink and our pigments?

What are the ingredients?

Is it permanent or semi-permanent?

How long do healed result last?

What is lightfastness?

Can Ever After Pigments be removed?

What is the shelf life?

Are they safe for new artists to use?

Is Ever After pre-modified?

Is there a way to dilute the pigments?

Are pigments area specific?

Is Ever After sterile?

Is Ever After organic or inorganic?

Is Ever After Vegan?

Dye or Pigment?

What is the pigment base?

Does Ever After contain alcohol?

Does it contain titanium dioxide?

Does it contain nickel or other metals?

Is the pigment carbon based?

Will the color turn a different color or gray?

Digital Swatches vs Drawdown Swatches

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NAC (Nipple Areola Complex)

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