~Ever After Pigments~

Our pigment are developed by a skilled team of professionals including permanent make up technicians, leading tattoo artists, a plastic surgeon and a chemist, creating a time tested and proven formula.

Our permanent make up technicians have the understanding and shared frustrations of dealing with unreliable and unpredictable pigments. They also have experience in the esthetic fields leading to better understanding of the client demographic. and the knowledge on how to handle the continued challenges of reality versus client's expectations.

At the end of the day, micropigmentation/permanent makeup and traditional tattoos are physiologically the same. This is where our leading tattoo artists' extensive education and apprenticeship programs come into play. Continuing education is status quo of the tattoo industry. We look to share this education and knowledge as well as the constant advancing in the technology of the traditional tattoo industry.

Our chemists have years of experience developing tattoo pigments and have worked on perfecting the formula by removing unnecessary ingredients and taking in consideration often overlooked items like Ph balance resulting in a product that is US made and EU approved.

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